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Amber candle features a rich, exotic, and complex aroma that will create an impressive effect in the room and leave lasting memories!
Amber, with a touch of cashmere, tobacco, cloves, ginger, and vanilla, will mesmerize your senses!

Main notes – Clove, Ginger, Cashmere
Heart notes – Amber, Tobacco, Cherry Wood
Base notes – Vanilla, Caramel, Musk

Amber fragrance oil can be described as a warm, powdery, and lightly sweet scent with hints of musk and richness

Šis aromāts raisa svinīgu noskaņojumu, kas jūsu telpai, piešķirs īpašu atmosfēru un noskaņu.Šis aromāts ļoti piemērots svētku reizēm, kas piešķirs īpašu gaisotni un noskaņu jūsu telpām.


Candle contains
100% natural plant wax.
The wick is made from pure cotton to ensure 100% clean, environmentally friendly 50 hours of burning. Pure essential oils and natural fragrances are added to the plant wax, sourced from the prestigious town of Grasse in the Provence region of France.

Light the candle 20 minutes before the massage procedure so that the top layer transforms into warm massage oil. Slowly pour the melted wax from the porcelain container onto the body and perform even, soothing massaging movements. Allow the candle to burn during the massage, repeat the application of warm melted essential oil wax to the massage area, and enjoy the candle's burning aroma during the procedure to enhance the relaxing effect and well-being.

In order to fully enjoy your candle and preserve its aesthetics, observe these rituals:

Regularly trim the wick to keep it no longer than 0.5 cm.
To prevent soot formation, regularly clean the inside of the candle, and after use, store it in a linen bag to avoid dust accumulation, thus preserving a clean and pleasant body massage experience each time.

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