SIA “LITE candle” is a social enterprise based in Tukums that produces candles made from eco-friendly soy wax, essential oils, and sustainable packaging. Our candles are packaged in porcelain containers, prioritizing nature, product longevity, and refillability. The company carries out its economic activities with funding from the European Social Fund, under the project identification number “Support for Social Entrepreneurship.” By involving marginalized groups in the production process and business development, we promote inclusive civic society. The implementation of the project has created new job opportunities and integrated social target groups into society, improving their emotional well-being and material prosperity. To further develop our business and enhance its export potential as a producer of candles and room fragrances, as well as establish a strong brand identity with a specially designed visual identity, we have the following job openings: candle assembler and packager, and a sales and administrative specialist who promotes sales and handles company administrative matters.
In these roles, integrated target groups – who needed motivation and an educational work environment, which will provide opportunities for educational interest or other motivation factors for growth. For socially excluded individuals – a workplace is created for representatives of 2 target groups, and a monthly salary is provided according to the appropriate profession classification hours determined by VID with the grant project awarded by Altum. As a result of the project, entrepreneurship is developed, along with increased social added value, creating an inclusive civil society. The company’s economic activity is the production and sale of candles and room fragrances. The products are mainly sold on the company’s website, local design and fashion stores, as well as targeted to foreign markets by concluding cooperation agreements with wholesalers outside Latvia. Currently, the LITE candles collection consists of 5 types of scented candles, 4 types of room fragrances, and massage candles. Sales are promoted through social networks FB and IG platforms, and in the future, plans are to attract brand influencers from Latvia, as well as other countries such as the Netherlands, France, the UAE, etc. LITE products have export potential, and currently, collaborations are being developed with partners in the United Arab Emirates, France, Italy, Spain, etc.