Lite Candles


The philosophy behind the LITE candles brand is to create products and packaging that are friendly to nature and sustainability, and are safe and healthy for consumers. LITE candles are poured into handmade porcelain containers crafted by a Latvian artist. These porcelain containers are a sustainable packaging solution and can be returned for an exchange with a new candle once the original one is used up. The outer packaging of the candles is also environmentally friendly, made from partially recycled materials and featuring a black, velvety, smooth surface that complements the porcelain containers with their soft, matte finish.

The waffle material for the packaging is produced by a Swedish company with a 300-year history, Lessebo Paper. Their production program is committed to sustainable development goals to achieve a more sustainable future, addressing global issues that affect every consumer of consumer goods, including LITE candles. These issues relate to environmental degradation and inequality. Choosing this packaging material creates a factor in offering environmentally friendly packaging to LITE customers as well.

The LITE candles box, which serves as both trade and presentation packaging, consists of four components:
⦁Bottom base, comprising two parts - the base frame and Inner frame - a cutout circle, corresponding to the bottom diameter of the porcelain container, to secure its stability in the box.
⦁Box lid - the branding element featuring the company's logo, product name, description, and weight.
⦁Lid inner ridge - securing the lid against the porcelain container, allowing both box components - the base and top lid - to be easily separated.

The packaging is unique in that all four components are folded, and the box is constructed without additional materials, without using glue or other binding components.

The packaging is produced by cutting black embossed cardboard with a plotter according to the specially designed size and shape that matches the brand's product. The packaging element intended for the top cover is screen-printed with the LITE candles logo, the candle's name, and description.


The packaging, which serves both as a retail and presentation packaging, is not additionally packed in plastic or plastic material, and it is not covered with labels indicating the product's composition and other specifications. This approach is environmentally conscious, preserving the brand's aesthetic and clean design style while saving natural resources and minimizing pollution.

The name of each candle on the box is chosen to match the appropriate color tone, coordinated with the porcelain jar colors, which come in 4 shades:
⦁ Beige
⦁ Powder Pink
⦁ Mint
⦁ Anthracite

The LITE logo was created by the artist Dace Runča, inspired by the candle holder, the porcelain jar, depicting the logo as a semi-circle on its upper edge... The logo uses a unified font, which is also used in promotional materials.