Lite candles


LITE aromatic candles and room fragrances are handcrafted. The candles are made from sustainably sourced soy by Cargills.


LITE candles are crafted with a philosophy of offering you the highest quality products using only the most health and nature-friendly ingredients. Each candle is made with 100% soy wax and infused with premium essential oils sourced from France. The porcelain vessels, handcrafted by Latvian artist Laines Berina, add a touch of elegance to your space. The reusable vessel can be refilled with a new LITE candle, used as a storage container for cosmetics or hygiene items, or even used as a cup to enjoy your coffee or tea while adding to your collection of burnt-out LITE candles. The wick is made from hemp cotton for a clean, eco-friendly 50-hour burn. Experience the luxury of LITE candles and indulge in the soothing aromas and sustainable practices they embody.


LITE candles are made with aromatic oils that do not contain carcinogens, reproductive toxins, phthalates, or other potentially harmful chemicals commonly found in scented candles. By choosing LITE candles, you can enjoy a safe home fragrance with confidence, without harming your health or the environment.