Lite Candles


Brand LITE candles are crafted with a philosophy that emphasizes nature and sustainability, offering a product and packaging that are both health-conscious and eco-friendly. The LITE candle is poured into a handmade porcelain vessel created by a Latvian artist, which serves as a sustainable packaging that can be returned for exchange with a full candle once it has been burned. Additionally, the packaging for the candles, used for trade and presentation purposes, is made from environmentally friendly materials, including recycled embossed cardboard that has a soft and smooth matte texture. The chosen tone is a powdery black that complements the porcelain vessels, with their powdery tones and interior porcelain glazing, resulting in a gently pleasing exterior. The manufacturer of the embossed cardboard material is a Swedish company with a 300-year-old history, Lessebo paper, which has a commitment to sustainable development in its production program. This commitment aims to achieve a more sustainable future and address global issues faced by all consumers, including LITE candles, such as environmental degradation and inequality. By choosing this packaging material, a nature-friendly option is provided to LITE customers.

The text describes a special packaging for LITE candles in Latvia, which consists of four components:

  1. Bottom base, consisting of two parts – the base frame.
  2. Inner frame, with a cutout circle matching the diameter of the porcelain dish’s base to secure its stability within the box.
  3. Box lid – a branding element with the company logo, product name, description, and weight printed on it.
  4. Inner lid cutout, which secures the cutout against the porcelain dish, allowing both parts, the bottom, and the top lid, to separate easily.

This packaging is unique in that all four components are folded, and the box is constructed without additional materials, without using glue or other fastening components.

The packaging is produced by cutting black corrugated cardboard on a plotter to match the size and shape designed by the artist for the brand’s product. The packaging element intended for the top lid is screen printed with the LITE candles logo, candle name, and description.


The packaging for LITE candles in Latvia is both for trade and presentation purposes, and it doesn’t involve additional plastic or plastic materials, nor is it covered with labels indicating product composition and other specifications. This approach is taken to preserve natural resources, minimize pollution, and maintain the brand’s aesthetic and clean design style.

Each candle’s name on the box is selected to match the appropriate color tone, coordinating with the porcelain dishes, which come in four colors:

  • Beige
  • Powder pink
  • Mint
  • Anthracite

The LITE logo was created by the artist Dace Runča, drawing inspiration from the candle holder – the porcelain dish – and incorporating it into the logo’s upper edge as a half-circle. The logo is used with the brand’s unified font, which is also used in promotional materials.